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boys and their mom's nerves

Awhile ago my mom called to say she couldn't find my little sister. My heart sank. After I'd given her the appropriate amount of time I called her to see if she'd found her and she had. During that phone call my son had halled down my little sister's treasure chest, handbag.  Inside, amongst all sorts of wierd an wonderful stuff, he'd found her clear glitter, nail varnish. 

Some quick background, at Alexander's school is a gorgeous dressing table with fake makeup bottles and other such fun. All the little boys love the dressing table. 

Back to the story: as my mom is calming my nerves about my sister I hear my son crying hysterically.  I rush over to him, not sure what has happened.  As I'm looking over him I find glitter on his eyelids and realise my son HAS NAIL VARNISH IN HIS EYES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

my son moved around so much while I tried desperately to get the varnish out that I managed to bump his eye on the tap
I am just a mom, and sometimes I feel like I am completley ill equipped to cope with a little guy who gets into everything, climbs onto and up everything, speeds around without watching where he is going.  The best advice my mom has ever given me is to pray God's protection for my children.  So I think being a mom means I need to be spending my life on my knees.

just in case you weren't convinced, Alexander had lost the battle with a rose bush.  his arm had looked raw

By the way did you know James was nicknamed camelknees, because he spent so much time on his knees in prayer that they were calloused?

I leave you now with nerves that are slightly shattered


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