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Helloooooo! I've been sewing!

So I have been absent for a bit No real reason, just life And a serious. serious lack of finance But all is good Ok kinda good I am creating and trying things I haven't for years I studied fashion designing and should be quite a compitent creative, designer type person But I don't do well with criticism For some silly reason when I make something I want people to like it If they don't I generally stop creating Our financial siuation and a sewing lesson I helped with reminded me I am semi-skilled So I started making stuff  The next bunch of pics are of my creativity in action I am proud of myself as I have made two pairs of pants for Alexander, 1 for a friend of Alexander's, 3 flower brooches and three head bands

it is this special girl's 9th birthday birthday today i would love to share her story but i would need to get permission from her and my parents just know she is a miracle
cioa readers, you mean the world to me much love Philippa

Lists continued

My life’s to do list (written the same time I wrote my list for the husband I wanted ): -learn to surf -travel up Africa -do a photography course -write a book -learn to be completely honest (before I’m 22) (so I have learnt to be completely honest and if I am dishonest it is very intentional.Um, let me rephrase that, if I am dishonest now I am aware of it as soon as it happens and usually correct myself.Really, really embarrassing!) -learn to sew perfectly (this could take me forever) -learn to cook -take art lessons -get to my perfect weight (I'm mostly happy with the way I am now) -get fit (short term) (ha, ha, ha, so that didn’t happen until recently) -make a movie -create a garden -have a library of books -create a school level program aimed at self-esteem through the arts -start a feeding and welfare program for AIDs orphans -dye my hair black once -get a tattoo -learn how to play the guitar -get my skin sorted out (short term) -save a R1000 (increase that as I reach my goal) -help Andrew as muc…

Dreaming (Alli, you might see somthing in common)

On the 31 January 2001 I wrote this in some journal type thing: “I am so full of dreams and desires for my life.I can’t make out what anyone points to and I find that a bit scary.I know for sure there are many things I want to accomplish but I can’t find the specific, right thing.I want to help people.I want to learn different languages and tap my talents.I want to learn to dance and to cook and take art lessons.I want to be known.I want passion, I want adventure. I want culture and history and sometimes, I’ll want stability.I want to experience life.I want to be a teacher.I want the right the wrongs.I want to kick some druggie butts and put kids in their places.I want a house with a swimming pool.There must be trees and I’ll grow herbs and flowers.I want a husband who is like me, but at the same time very different.He must be hard working, honest, intelligent, artistic and gentle.He must be passionate about God, people, our children and me.I want children who love God and life.I want f…

Homemade pasta adventures

Hi y’all I am trying to get momentum and actually start this post and the very many more I hope to write, but I have faux French voices coming to me from Alexander’s DVD.Mm, it really is quite distracting. What do I want to write about?Well, I made pasta yesterday!!!!!My sister has kindly lent her pasta machine to my mother and my mother decided she wanted to spend Mother’s day making pasta.I was in my element!The end result was sublime, but it was the process that brought me such joy.I really was made to cook, to feed people (except my son who is back to rejecting any and all major food groups).At some point in my childhood or teen years (I don’t remember my childhood well) I decided I wanted to marry an Italian and have a large family that came together for loud meals that were all about being together, breaking bread together.I didn’t marry an Italian, but I have discovered that the Italian family, feasting thing is supposed to be how we as Christians fellowship.Ok, maybe it is not s…

Catching up

We have just had a lovely holiday Well lovely-ish It was a holiday at my parent's house And Emiel had loads of assignments You would have thought that a holiday with internet access would have meant a post a day But I had other things to do I got to see a special wonderful, friend who I haven't seen for ages I cooked in freedom
I made bagels, twice and soups and sauces
I made coconut butter (not buttery enough need a better food processor) and cookies
I made brownies, dairy free of course!
I rested as much as I could with two sick littlies
I watched William and Kate get married and was blown away by a service that spoke of God and was real about marriage
And I learnt more about myself and my husband
And I think we maybe know how to move forward

All in all it was a good holiday