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Falling like rain

On Saturday we walked to Diamond City (its a mall) which is about 40mins walk away. It was raining but we had a goal.  We were off to buy a kitchen... for our children.  For the first time in their lives we can buy them toys. God has turned things upside down for us and we are feeling that refreshing feeling of rain on dry land.  In other ways we're still a bit confused.

The kitchen was an incredible privilege.  We are able to buy our children presents, buy food, eat out, save and pay our bills all in the same month.  I so believe this is a reflection of "and we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose" Romans 8:28. We've allowed and said yes, to God cutting, pruning, chopping, we've fallen at His feet and now He is just loving on us in a most amazing way.

Thank you Lord.

Much love

School day

I am utterly exhausted.  My body is aching just a wee bit and my eyes are just that bit sore.  It was a surprisingly long day with my class behaving something like little hooligans.  Alexander was really, really awful. He was up at 5:30 which affected the way he responded to me which is a tad awkward as I am his teacher..  I don't think his little system understands the long days.  Have I mentioned I am teaching a kindergarten class?  I probably have but I can't remember who I've told what.  I am loving my little class and am at the same time overwhelmed with the desire to love them they way they'll understand God's love.  They need to understand that God loves them.  Japan has a lot of dysfunction with family.  Dads work hard and moms desire perfection.  Our school offers a respite, a safe space. 

Please pray for Japan.  It is a nation that doesn't want to admit its hurts.  Please pray that God will move here.
Please pray we'd be ever aware of His directi…

Taking the train

We had been planning to take a trip to Umeda, Osaka all week.  It was to be this great adventure as 1. it would be all aboard a train and 2. it was seeing something new.  Alexander was so excited to take his first train ride, but was also exhausted from his first week at school.  I am so impressed by how my little man has grown and is constantly improving.  
We arrived at our local station around 10, but ended up spending 25mins trying to figure out how to buy tickets. We managed to get on the train, all a bit weary.  The trip was around twenty minutes, it could have been longer, or shorter for that matter.  There were loads of stops and people getting on and off and it was really quiet.  Alexander and BeBe always get some attention from strangers, but this was even done in hushed tones. It freaks me out, the quieter the surroundings the more I shush my children who probably don't need quite so much shushing. 

I'm making it sound bad, but it wasn't.  The trip was peaceful a…

Five Minute Friday:Awake

This piece is for Five Minute Friday hosted by Lisa-Jo at Gypsy Mama. The rule are simple: write without correcting or rereading for 5 minutes.


I cannot believe how awake I feel after a week of new, after two weeks of crazy new.  This journey to this mysterious place filled to the brim with more than my words can describe has kept me up thinking, dreaming, questioning, reasoning.  I should go to bed, a bed foreign to me a foreigner, but I want to connect with my  people half way across the world in the warmth and freedom of South Africa. Oh, how I miss you.

I wish I had more to write.  I think I'm not as awake as I thought I was...


It is the end of a long week.  I am tired and off to bed.  We are going to attempt our first Japanese train ride to the Umeda which is in northern Osaka,  I think.

Much love to you