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Hi all

This post is just to say that I am putting a thousand blue fish on hold for an overhall.  Some things will be changing.  Things to look forward to will be Emiel's weekly input.  He'll be posting from the persepective of a husband and father and just generally a guy.  I will also have weekly dair free recipes and some other bits and pieces. 

Emiel finishes his studies this week.  Woohoo!!!!!!!!!!!  And Beatrice turns 1 in two weeks!!!!!!!!!

Much Love

 Oh, and I m about to launch a little accesories line!

Words (if you read nothing else, read the atricles)

I am a jumbled up disarray of thoughts that don't seem to want to become anything.  I finally have (space, time, children in another room, the laptop, internet access) to write and I can't seem to scratch out anything that means, well anything. 

My husband is trying, very sweetly, to keep the babas away for just a bit and as much as I tell that I don't know what to write he seems determined to have me sit here.  I have been a basketcase of late and I think he's hoping that this will act as an outlet.  I love him.

This being poor-thing is difficult on one's sense of humour especially when one's sense of humour is non-existent.  Our children have been sick.  My mom started really pressing me to take them to the doctor saying she'd pay, so off we went.  Beatrice, all gross and snotty, is not too sick, but Alexander is really sick with croup.  Awesome (hint the note of sarcasm)!  So off hubbles and I go to the pharmacy with two scripts.  The pharmacist kept o…