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Why can I not come up with any good titles?

Yeah and wow.  We have a gorgeous enormous, loud, gusty, wind blowing storm after a hot day.  i love the change in weather and I love freak weather.  That being said I don't love the loss of life or possession.  It just blows my mind that God-engineered weather can be so explosive at times.   Emiel says I am a bit of a nautral disasters kind of gal. 

SO you may be wondering how The Challenge has been going.  Well  until a little while ago it wasn't.  Since being grossly sick, my sweet-natured Bea also got sick.  I was so mad at myself, but I don't think there was anything I could have really done.  She had a fever the whole day yesterday, but still maintained just the most lovely nature.  This child is something amazing.

The gorgeous storm outside has stopped but it was replaced with a storm of another kind (no the storm wasn't as quick as all that, but mommy was called on duty as daddy is surf coaching).  Toddler behaviour is not for the fainthearted.  There has been screaming and shouting and just general yuckiness from my darling son.  Mind you this current behaviour is so unlike him I fully believe aliens have taken over his moods. 

Back to The Challenge and its lack of progress.  Shortly after I posted the last piece (so not sure of the blogging lingo) I had a doctor's visit that put me in a really, really bad space.  It shouldn't be the case that something bad happens and the whole thing goes wobbly, but for the last year that has been the way I've functioned.  Sad I know.

Can I scream and shout because mommy is not being allowed the time to do this?  Can I?  Mr Boy Child?  Can I?  On that can I pee unaccompanied?  Or have a bath without you?  I love precious child with every fibre in my being, I just sometimes need an hour where I am not needed.  And I don't think I'll do the whole crazy screaming thing over not being able to blog. 

Ok so I am going post this craziness not because it is any way worth reading.  I don't want to try add to it tomorrow when I eventually get to do this again.    


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My husband suggests I change my e-mail to swolleneyegirl@something.somethingelse.  It has something to do with the look of my right eye.  Little children, mine, were playing rough in my bed.  One child, the boy, pushes the other child, the girl, and that child lands on/in my eye.  What happened as a result is a fracture in the bone behind the eye.  Not really a problem, but I blew my nose a bit later.  This pushed air through the fracture in the sinus and it popped my eye out of the socket.   Luckily I was able to put it back.  I have to rest my eye and not blow my nose for 10days.  But God is so faithful, it could have been worse, the eye doctor blessed us with huge discount and another patient offered us a free family photo shoot.

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