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happy space

Ok, the title is maybe not honest. 
I'm too dang hot to be happy. 
I do not like being hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Now that that is over... 
I feel like I am rediscovering this lost part of myself. 
While all this new stuff is being born something old and special is finding its space amongst the crazy. 
I really appreciate the timing. 
I had written in my last post on my other blog ( about the poetry I used to write. 
It was dark and inttense and fueled by alcohol and anger and hurt. 
At that time I was at fashion school creating, maybe not the best stuff, but creating none the less.  
When I was lifted out of the very gross pit I'd climbed in I stopped writing.
I stopped creating.
I think being a mom living the un... I don't know, un-something life I live I've needed desperately for it to come back to life.
I remember when I was in Gr6 or 7 how I confidently told my friends that I was going to be a fashion designing missionary.

between the last sentence and here my children had a monumental meltdown, we ran to Spar for a pre-cooked supper, ate supper and I led young adults while my love tried to get the kiddies to bed.

I think i may have lost my train of thought. It is less convenient blogging on your phone and our network provider sucks!!!!! And and and!!!!

I pose to you the same question I posed to the young adults group (and i'd like an answer if I may be so bold)what would be your personal success and your failure.

I must now love ya and leave ya, til we meet again and ya ya


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My husband suggests I change my e-mail to swolleneyegirl@something.somethingelse.  It has something to do with the look of my right eye.  Little children, mine, were playing rough in my bed.  One child, the boy, pushes the other child, the girl, and that child lands on/in my eye.  What happened as a result is a fracture in the bone behind the eye.  Not really a problem, but I blew my nose a bit later.  This pushed air through the fracture in the sinus and it popped my eye out of the socket.   Luckily I was able to put it back.  I have to rest my eye and not blow my nose for 10days.  But God is so faithful, it could have been worse, the eye doctor blessed us with huge discount and another patient offered us a free family photo shoot.

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