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Tha happenings

I would love to be blogging everyday,  I would be really happy.  We need a couple of things in place for that to happen.  Firstly we need the internet at home.  I think I need to do to some investigating.  If anybody in the South African area is using no-phone line, wireless internet please let me know about it, costs, if you're happy.  Secondly we need a happy laptop.  Our current one is on its old legs (makes no sense).  It was someone else's (thank you, it came when we really needed it) and came with quirks.  And we share.  I love my husband, but have you ever tried to share a laptop with a Theology studying, Old Testament lecturing, school's ministering husband?  Have ya?

him looking all dashing like

So to fill you in on the details of the last while.  I cut my son's hair.   I love doing stuff like that, in college I even cut my hair, until my parent's complaints got too loud.  I would have let it but he was starting to look waif like.  Anyway he looks supa cute.
he is forever chewing his fingers

We had a really cool play afterrnoon, Alexander and I. I realised its something I'm not very good at, but my little man was starting to really cry out for time, just the two of us.  I will do a whole post of at a later date (need to be home for supper at 18:30.  I've at least made a wierd tomatoes, veg sauce for gnocchi that still needs to be cooked.)

We went to a party!!!!  We were invited to a friend's 40th and it was amazing!  Emiel and I weren't sure how many people we'd know, so decided it would be a date.  We danced and chatted and had so much fun.  Even when the car wouldn't start and we forgot the house keys at the party (after getting the car to start and picking up our children from Granny and Grampa), it was still one of the most enjoyable nights we've had in a long time.  The party was made up of lots of differrent types of , mostly Christian people.  Some smoked and mostly everyone had a beer or a glass of wine, but nothing felt wrong.  To clarify that, we for the longest time were in the frame of mind that drinking was against what we believed and anyone who smoked was...?  I don't know what we thought, it just wasn't right.  We've recently found out a friend of ours, who passionately loves and serves God, has a cigarrette every now and again.  This is something our friend, of maybe 5 years, did not feel he could share with us.  The birthday girl and her husband are an amazing couple.  They are in ministry, and have been able to do something mind boggling, they welcome people in without judging them or making them feel crappy about their lives.  In the way they treat people, the way they love them, people get to know God.  Wow!

Ok, what else happened?  My daughter is starting to get very unhappy.  My sister is singing so loudly from the bathroom, my brain wants to explode.  Look at the time!  Ok, well you will have to be told the time, it 18:21 and I'm not finished.  Aaagh! 

Ok, what else, what else?  I made yummy peanut butter, seed, raison, cranberry, mulberry jam, coconut muffins.  The stuff was all in the house and the boy doesn't like it all.  He loves the muffins, though!

And one of our lovely, beautiful, graceful students left after only 2 weeks.  She had been sick(not badly) and her dad demanded her home, so he bought her an airticket.  Now home is all the way in Minnesota, America, and my heart is feeling a little broken.  Please pray for her, for peace and direction and a miracle of the family kind.  Her name is Tanna Howie.

Please also pray for baby Ollie (to be born on Thursday) here is the link

Now I can say goodbye,  love to you all
I had to add this.  My daughter is only six months on the 13th.  She's already developed a kind of crawl.


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