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A change of heart involves circumcision: Part 1

We are parents who decided to have our son circumcised.  For some reason we had the idea it was common practice in church circles and were a bit taken aback when our friends reacted the way they did.  Most simply debated it, some freaked out and another darling friend tried a very generous form of persuasion.  But in all that we knew, as we knew it was something we were supposed to do.

 Circumcision is such a touchy subject and there are definite camps as to whether it is good or terrible.  But a good circumcision is done cleanly and swiftly.  Is there pain?  I'm sure there must be.  I just know in my heart of hearts that God did not ask such thing of His people for the sake of randomness. 

Emiel and I were stuck in a hole for so long.  We both were desperate to be in the will of God, but were not willing to let go of some of our muck.  I want to explain this so you see the journey but I am sure it might not come out as I'm hoping it will.  
Because of this, that and the other we found ourselves in place that was uncomfortable.  And instead of resting in God and learning we started thrashing.  In such a confined space you end up thrashing against each other and whoever may come near.  In this time you should be growing and eventually moving forward, in our time we dug a hole.  A giant, big hole that had ground tumbling in.   This thing started a long time ago, in Emiel and in me, and then we came together it became a conjoined mess.  It got worse the more we mumbled and grumbled until eventually we landed up in the place God was going to lance the boil (I know, that's so gross.  There is no better analogy to describe the process.)  Life still was not comfortable, but something in both of us had changed.  God lovingly, gently guided us into a new space.  

I am going to stop this here.   I have a feeling if I put everything in this one post it will be too long and you'll fall asleep the way I do.  I am going to type the second half of this now and then post it.

Much love 


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